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Written and Developed by Cody Allen, Tyler Schuelke & Jordan Van Clief 

A comedy centered around sheltered minds attending Camp Sanctuary, a live in facility teaching them how to integrate into “normal” society. 

Pilot:  A Hard Day’s Life

Hilarity ensues at Camp Sanctuary, a live in program for sheltered individuals, when Willy, an ex-member of a cult and Isaac, an Amish runaway, consider joining. Running the show; helping integrate campers into the real world is Edith, an enthusiastic past graduate with a need for requirement; the Camp needs more people to stay afloat. Meanwhile, existing campers realize they are out of inventory for the sister company and money maker for camp: Daffo-Diliveries. Will they find the means to keep the camp going? Will Edie convince the newcomers to stay? 

Torture Trouble 


Written and Developed by Tyler Schuelke

Panic strikes during a less than perfect torturing session. 

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