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Stories are incredible. But it's how the story is told that determines that line between brilliance or bombing. 

Editing is crucial to the experience, not only to the cast & crew but also the audience whom absorb your material, understand it, discuss it and spread it.


My ultimate goal when editing is to reach the desired endgame as closely to the artists vision as possible.  I can suggest, use my experience and editing eye to offer suggestions, but ultimately its the vision of the creative who hired me. 


Trust is important. Through communication, organization and a creative flare, I’ll guide you through the exhilarating experience that begins post.  I work predominately in Adobe Premiere.  


Below is a catalog of past work I’ve been fortunate to edit; categories include but not limited to:  Shorts, Music Videos, Sketches, Trailers, Reels, Credit Sequences, etc.

Work Sample Selects, more can be sent on request:


Christy's Kitchen Throwback: Bonus Episode

Christy's Kitchen Throwback: Bonus Episode

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